Eco fashion

Thankfully eco fashion is no longer only of the shapelss hessian bag variety. There are now loads of funky and stylish labels and designers that claim to have some eco conscious philosophy, use organic or natural fabrics and have considered ethical production practices.
One could write a book (and some have) discussing what sustainable or eco fashion is. I’d love to get down to the nitty gritty of it, defining and pondering ‘sustainable’, ‘green’, ‘eco’ and discussing if ‘sustainable fashion’ is an oxymoron,  but haven’t the time or space right here right now, rather I’ll just toss around some of the things that are generally considered ‘sustainable’ when it comes to fashion:

• Fabric – organic, natural, locally produced
• No sweat shop  – an ethical work environment for the workers who produce both the raw material and sew the garments
• Waste – the fashion industry is notoriously wasteful, anything that reduces waste to landfill and uses less resources (of any kind) rocks!
• Durability both in style and quality – less resources, less waste and is just plain stylish
• Multi use – less is more
• Reuse, repair, recycle, deconstruction
• Vintage – fun, funky and eco!
• Laundering with care– make it last longer and don’t waste water and energy in the process.

Eco and ethical fashion should be about moving away from fast fashion towards use of high quality longer laster materials and style where less is more.
Clothing that is good for you, good for the environment, good for workers who made and grew them.


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