Fancy knickers


As you know I have my basic eco knickers sorted, but what about if I want something a little fancier, like a sexy knickers and bra set that is still eco chic. I remembered reading an article earlier this year about Annalise Braakensiek launching an eco lingerie line. It stuck in my mind as not only was it eco friendly, but the range also included sizes for the fuller bust. This pleased me as sometimes it can be hard to get a cute bra in my size. What is actually eco friendly about the pieces in her range isn’t all that clear. The label just says as ‘eco friendly as we can possibly make it’. A quote from Annalise in the The SMH article elaborates a bit further saying ‘It’s green. No toxic ink, organic cotton, organic bamboo, sustainable produce, the swing tags are recycled cardboard and even attached with organic twine’.

Available from Bras N Things I did see a white organic cotton set in the store, but I’m unsure as to how the particular set I got was any more eco friendly than the other (non- Annalise) items, except of course for the tags, twine and recycled plastic coat hangers. I wonder what happens to those little bra and undie hangers in lingerie shops?

A quick online search for some eco lingerie turned up a few more possibilities
Eco-Boudoir based in the UK has a shop in Melbourne listed as a stockist. Unfortunately (for me) none of the bras shown on their website look like they would hold up my boobs.

Treehugger featured Peau-Ethique lingerie, and lists a few other lines. These may not be available in Australia?

This slide show from US based The Daily Green lists quite a few eco lingerie lines. Again, not sure how many are available in stores Australia. Some are available on line. I’ve put a link to some of them under lingerie on the right for your browsing pleasure.

GreenKnickers have some fun stuff available on line.

Admittedly, this was a fairly speedy bit of googling research, which turned up quite a few eco lingerie possibilities around the world, but not too many available easily in Australia. Annalise may be on to something and it’s a good start and her range is nice, affordable and a good fit. However, in her next range I’d like to see more info on how eco friendly the items that aren’t organic cotton are beyond the tags and hangers.

Lastly, just to let you know, a lot of the eco lingerie labels found and listed include silk, which I’m personally not into as silk worms are boiled alive in the silk making process.


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  1. >If you are looking for organic cotton mens briefs, check out the dutch label Pure Rootz – they ship world wide. They are a little dearer than most organics but of much much better quality and fit (produced in Turkey rather than India or China).

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