In search of new knickers

After a long weekend away and days of rain I ran out of clean knickers. With more rain forecast I decided to buy some new knickers. I’d been thinking I needed new ones for a while, so it wasn’t just because of the rain I went shopping.
Normally I’d just pop into the local shopping centre and grab a 3 pack of Bonds undies from K-mart. These days they cost between $21 to $26. I know my size, I know I like them, it has always worked for me. This time I wanted to see what kind of eco underwear I could find at the local shopping centre.

Nothing I could see easily in K-mart. Target had a selection of Target brand organic cotton undies and some bamboo ones. The bamboo felt very nice and soft, but was flesh coloured. I just can’t buy flesh coloured undies. I know it is good when you don’t want the colour of your undies to show through light coloured clothes, but they’re just too much like big grandma undies for me. After much searching for my size – whenever I want to try something in Target there never seems to be my size – I finally found some white knickers and a black g-string in my size. At $7.99 each they were a fairly similar per unit price to the Bonds 3 pack, so I purchased them. Turned out they had 20% off. The range in Target was fairly boring, black, white and ‘milk choc’ which was dangerously close to flesh coloured. No fun coloured stuff, but certainly good basics which we all need.

My next stop was the only lingerie shop in the shopping centre. Eventually I found some Jockey bamboo undies for $16.95 also with 20% off. A bit more exy but irresistably soft, and they had some cute stripey patterned ones. I got one pair.

At the end of my trip I ended up with 3 pairs of new organic cotton or bamboo knickers for $26.34, pretty close to what a 3 pack of bonds could have cost me. Although it did take a bit more time. I’m sure there are more brand of the basic eco knicker, they just weren’t available at my local mall. Next time I’m in the city I might try to hunt down some of the ambra range.


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