Sara Victoria

>Sara Victoria Organic Softwears seems to be trying to move away from the old baggy sack look of organic clothes of days gone by. Their website states that they are “excited to present a range of organic softwears that represent a revolutionary shift in the way organics will be perceived by the fashion industry and the average fashion conscious Australian”.

Sara Victoria has a number of soft wear collections for men and women made from certified organic fabrics which are also organic colour grown fabrics. The cotton is produced naturally with it’s own hue, as opposed to dying the yarn. The website also says that all production is currently in Australia.

The clothes are very elegant and soft flowing. Plus there are some pieces that would make great summer basics to set off your other items of eco-fashion.
Unfortunately the collections shown on the website are from the 2006, so I am not sure what the latest is from Sara Victoria. However the website details a lot of press received for Sara Victoria in 2007, so it would appear that things are still going strong for Sara Victoria and will continue to do so with such a lovely range.


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