The most environmentally friendly fashion for anyone is the stuff you already have. But sometimes you get a bit tired of those items or they just aren’t right, no matter how environmentally preferrable they are, you just aren’t going get your groove going in them anymore.

Lately I have taken to modifying some such items that are still lurking around my wardrobe.
Such as this denim skirt I actually purchased back in 2000 in Spain. It used to be longer. I never wore it as it just wasn’t quite right. I think it was too long and straight and didn’t suit the denim, but I couldn’t throw it out as I had got it in Spain. Who can throw out a skirt they got in Spain?

I realised that cut off to above the knee, it was going to work for me. I went for the chop and whipped around the hem with my sewing machine powered by greenpower (of course) and I am now feeling a bit rock’n’roll in it.

If you can’t sew yourself or don’t have a sewing machine find a tailor near your house and get them to alter clothes for you. While you are there ask them if they use greenpower.


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