>Stella McCartney

>I was a bit excited to pop down to the newly opened Target near my house and check out the Stella McCartney range. However, my excitement wore off pretty quickly.

In anticipation of the opening, I had checked out Stella’s website to see what would be instore for me. The site is very glamourous triggering my excitement as I daydreamed about how easily accessible such glamour would be. Right around the corner from my little home.

Stella is vegetarian and has a strict no leather and no fur policy. I figure a comment on her is appropriate for my blog as there is some ethical mindedness to her collection. Treehugger have also mentioned her a few times and she has some organic cotton pieces in her collection. Target VM’s (visual merchandisers) clearly don’t know about her no-leather policy as they chose her section of the store to display some leather boots. I actually thought she was vegan, but I quickly realised I was wrong about that as the first three things I looked at were silk and the next one was wool. Anyway…. I am sure there are vegan blogs I can moan about that on…..

I had imagined I would be transported into some super glamorous world whilst still remaining within the Target store. I was very clearly still in the Target store. The racks were chockers, so full I could barely wrangle a hanger out (it was opening day). Stella’s range at Target does have their own special hangers though, a shiny charcoal grey, with Stella McCartney fainted printed on them.
I felt even less glamourous as I nearly tripped over the sashes of some of those silky gowns trailing on the floor because they were on a rack too low.


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